About Us

The story of World Links began after a trip to Dubai when Robin had an innovative idea to create a bracelet concept by linking coins together. This simple yet unique concept soon turned into a creative project, and the journey began in the kitchen with a hand drill, a drill bit, and a bag of coins they had collected during their travels.

The name "World Links" was chosen, reflecting the original idea of linking coins together from around the world. Robin and their team started by making their own pieces from coins collected during their travels, and soon they began crafting them as gifts for friends. As the concept gained momentum and interest, they decided to formalize their efforts and establish a company.

World Links began selling their coin-linked jewelry in person, starting with a small inventory. Over time, the company expanded, and they created a website to reach a wider audience. They also collaborated with a few retailers to carry their unique and creative products.

Throughout this journey, the support of loyal customers played a crucial role in the company's success. The founders of World Links express their gratitude to their customers for making their dream a reality.